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2023 Fox Sports Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge

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Thank you for participating in the 2023 Fox Sports Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge.

You can help us to make year's challenge even better by giving us some feedback about your experience.

2023 Fox Sports Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge

An opportunity for students and Corporate partners to connect and share in the love of sport.

The Challenge will be played in keeping with the “Clontarf Spirit” - selfless, humble, respectful, positive.

Event Information

Thursday 23rd November

Arrive at 11:30am for a 12:00pm start 
Play concludes at 5pm to be followed by presentation

Easts Rugby Club
(subject to weather conditions)

Water, snacks & sausage sizzle provided

Registrations now closed

  Additional Info  
Oz tag is a non-tackling sport with minimal physical contact,
emphasising skills such as catching, passing, tagging, evading, and kicking the ball


  Safety First  
A reasonable level of fitness is required 
If you have a medical condition, please seek approval from you doctor prior to signing up

There will be First Aid Officers at the event and an AED (Defib) 

Remember sun safety. Please apply sunscreen and wear a hat

Stay hydrated. Please bring a water bottle as there will be
facilities available to refill throughout the day

This is a work event and it is important we uphold our Foxtel Group Values at all times

Our culture is the energy we bring, what we say and how others respond to us. That means we have a huge responsibility to always treat each other and anyone who encounters us with dignity and respect at all times. This is also important for our collective brand reputation

A safety briefing will be conducted on the day so that all players and volunteers know who to contact and where to go in case of incidents and/or injuries 

All incidents and/or injuries must be reported to the official who will be at the safety briefing at the start of the day

ADA9II_221122_CLONTARF_087 (1).jpg

Foxtel Group Teams


Lucas Semaan (Captain)

Jacqui Abbott

Matt Hagias

Erin Zillman

Alan Tanner

Jake Duke


Conrad Terpens (Captain)

Adam Speranza

Jan Schutte

Scott Langham

Mahana Currie

Nick Esmore

Mia Wolczak


Jim Handlin (Captain)

Louis Dillon

Daniel Watkins

Carl Burgmann

James Hughes

Julian Ogrin


Georgia Wiggins (Captain)

Hugh Sherwood

Josh Van Treeck

Anthony Solano

Jonathan Rudd

Daniel Clifford

Peter Daly


Maggie Thomas (Captain)

Christopher Soldo

Luka Hatzis

James De Francesco

Mitchell Raimona

Glen Wakefield


Max Kennedy (Captain)

David Hammond

Alix Kennedy

Dominic Tannous

Adam Saad

Thomas Alexander


Nicola Irvin (Captain)

Adam Fitzsimmons

Tom McKern

Kristen Elias

Asith Herath

Annalise Kay


Matthew McVey (Captain)

Ollie Cole

Tom Smith

Jack Barker

Hilmand Gomulwal

Lachlan Murphy


Christina Yau (Captain)

Stephen Be

Ashley Streeting

Craig Quilkey

Alex Waterhouse

Wayne Smith

Jeremy Su'a

Foxtel Group Volunteer Roles

On Field Scorer

Suzie Haldane

Tara Walker

Alexandria Garth


Vida Scott (back up scorer) 

Jessica Godwin (back up scorer)

Abbie Donovan

Eleanor O’Brien

Rebecca Kuzmanovic

Victoria Skinner

Alexandra Hancock

Mandy Hexter

Lead Scorer & Timer

Marissa Banu-Lawrence

Rebecca McCloy

Kimberley Jennings


Lead Volunteer

Sam Bridge

Jo Abi-Younes

Transport Manager

Rebecca McCloy – Artarmon

DJ/Music Coordinator

Aisha Jefcoate


Alana Awramenko (content capture)



Adam Howarth

Aisha Jefcoate

Matchday Operations

Rebecca Jacobsen


Matchday Coordinator

Sophie McGillivray & Natalie Leijen

Bus Times


Pickup Date: Thursday 23rd November 2023

Pickup Time: 10.30

Pickup Location: Fox Sports - 4 Broadcast Way, Artarmon

Drop off Location: Easts Rugby Club, 22a O'Sullivan Road, Rose Bay

Return Pickup Time: 17.15

Return to: Fox Sports - 4 Broadcast Way, Artarmon

North Ryde

Pickup Date: Thursday 23rd November 2023

Pickup Time: 10.45 AM

Pickup Location: Foxtel – 5 Thomas Holt Drive, North Ryde

Drop off Location: Easts Rugby Club, 22a O'Sullivan Road, Rose Bay

Return Pickup Time: 17.15

Return to: Foxtel – 5 Thomas Holt Drive, North Ryde


Teams & Academies

Each team is comprised of players from a corporate partner with an academy. Each team will have 8 on the field, including 4 corporate players and 4 Clontarf academy members, excluding Teams 17 & 18.

Teams 17 & 18 will have 3 players from each Fox team and 2 players from the allocated academies on the field.

As most teams will have a high number of substitutes, we recommend rotating the players frequently.


Ampol & Dunheved


NSWRL & Katherine 1


Qantas & Airds


SKG & Endeavour 1


Notre Dame & Mount Druitt


Woolworths & 

Gunbalanya & Taminmin


Paynter Dixon & Shalvey


Goodman 1 & Cranebrook


Goodman 2 & Matraville 1


Fulton Hogan & Singleton


Deutsche Bank & Matraville 2

TEAM 12 

Fox Alpha & Trinity Bay 1

TEAM 13 

Fox Beta & Trinity Bay 2


Fox Charlie & Narromine

TEAM 15 

Fox Delta &



Fox Echo & Karabar


Fox Foxtrot &

Fox Hotel / Katherine 2


Fox Golf &

Fox India / Endeavour 2


Pool 1 will play on Field 1, Pool 2 will play on Field 2 & Pool 3 will play on Field 3.

Semi Finals & Grand Final Fields will be advised on the day.



Oz Tag Playing Rules


  • Games will be in 20 minute blocks:

    • 17 minute games

    • No half time

    • 3 minute change over between games

    • Each team will be guaranteed 4 games (plus finals if you make it)



  • All matches – 50m x 25m


  • Maximum of 8 players on the field at any one time

  • Defender must remove one tag to stop attacker’s progress.  He/She then holds up the tag and drops it to the ground marking where the play the ball should occur

  • There is a marker in the play the ball

  • If a player propels the ball in a forward direction with their hand or arm and the ball comes into contact with the ground, an opponent or the referee, a knock on will be awarded. A changeover will be awarded to the non-offending team. The referee may allow the non-offending team to take possession and gain an advantage. If they are tagged, it will be a zero tag

  • The game is non-tackle – the attacker cannot deliberately bump into a defender.  A defender cannot change direction and move into an attacker's path.  Whoever initiates contact will be penalised. The onus is on the attacking player to avoid the defender

  • The ball carrier is not allowed to protect his tag or fend off defenders

  • A try is awarded to the attacking team when they ground the ball on or over the try line. There are no dead ball lines

  • Defence must be back 7 metres



  • The ball may not be kicked until after the fourth tag and before the initial tag

  • Kicks in general play cannot be above the shoulder height of the referee. The attacking team cannot dive on a kicked ball in any situation, but can kick on

  • Kick offs and line drop outs - if the ball lands in the field of play and then rolls across the try line, whether touched or not, a line drop out occurs.  The try line becomes the dead ball line for all kicks



  • The defensive line can move forward only when the dummy half touches the ball. The dummy half can run and be tagged with the ball. The dummy half may score a try



  • 1 point will be awarded for each try

  • The winning Team will receive 2 points

  • A drawn game will result in each team receiving 1 point for that match



  • What is the Fox Sports Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge?

    • The Fox Sports Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge is an event which allows students of the Clontarf Foundation to play Oz Tag and network with Corporate partners & the Foxtel Group staff. It is any opportunity to share the love of sport, whilst keeping with the “Clontarf Spirit”

  • Where will the 2023 Fox Sports Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge be taking place?

    • Easts Rugby Club – there are 3 playing fields dedicated to this event

  • Will the 2023 Fox Sports Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge be played at 2 different venues like the 2022 event?

    • No, all matches will be played at Easts Rugby Club

  • Will it cost me anything to participate in the 2023 Fox Sports Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge?

    • No, this is a free and fun event to enjoy as a player or volunteer

  • My leader has not approved my participation. Can I still play or volunteer on the day?

    • Unfortunately, no, you will require your leader’s approval to be out of the office for the day

  • What do I need to bring with me on the day?

    • Hat, sunglasses, your own drink bottle to fill up at water stations, sunscreen (there will be sunscreen provided on the day too), and any other day-to-day needs 

  • Will there be food provided on the day?

    • Yes, there will be complimentary snacks & a sausage sizzle provided on the day, courtesy of Clontarf partners

  • What if I have dietary requirements?

    • Please indicate any known dietary requirements when registering as a player or volunteer

  • Will there be water supplied on the day?

    • You are encouraged to bring your own water bottle, however, there will be water stations around the fields for you to replenish

  • Will there be bathroom facilities onsite?

    • Yes, there will be onsite bathroom facilities at Easts Rugby Club playing fields

  • Will I receive a break on the day?

    • Yes! Players can take a break between games. Volunteers will rotate to allow each person a break throughout the day

  • What happens if I can no longer play or volunteer on the day after the registration cut off?

  • Where can I find more information about the 2023 Fox Sports Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge

    • This webpage will keep you updated with everything you need to know about the day. This can also be accessed via your mobile phone



  • As a player, what time do I need to be at the event?

    • Please arrive at the venue to allow enough time for teams to gather, meet the Clontarf students you'll be paired with and for the Team Captains to collect and handout all playing equipment & t-shirts. There will be an 11:45am welcome briefing for all players and volunteers, with games starting at 12pm

  • Do I need to know how to play Oz Tag?

    • No, there will be plenty of people around to provide guidance, plus you can learn on the job

    • Oz Tag Challenge rules can be found on this webpage under ‘Rules’

  • I don’t know the rules & have never played before. Can I still play on the day?

    • Yes! Please register as a player and check out the rules on this webpage under ‘Rules’

  • As a player, what do I need to wear on the day?

    • Please wear exercise shorts/leggings, runners or football/soccer boots (plastic studs only). If you were a part of this event in 2022, please wear your t-shirt from last year. If not, you will be provided with a Foxtel Group white t-shirt (this can be ordered when you register to play)

  • As a player, what foot attire can I wear?

    • You can wear runners or football/soccer boots. Plastic studs only – no metal

  • I don’t know anyone else who is playing on the day. Will I be put into a team?

    • In your registration, you can nominate people to play in the same team. If you don’t know anyone else playing on the day, please don’t worry – you will be put into a team and introduced to your teammates once teams have been finalised and emailed out

  • Can I be on the same team as my work mates?

    • Yes! Please include the names of the people you would like to be in your team when you register. We will do our best to accommodate when coordinating teams

  • Do I need to arrange my own department-based team?

    • No, you don’t need to arrange a department-based team, however, please advise people you would like to be in your team when you register

  • Are there different team divisions for the 2023 Fox Sports Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge?

    • No, the competition is not split into different divisions

  • Is it possible to have a run around/train before the 2023 Fox Sports Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge?

    • You are welcome to have a practice run before the event. This will need to be organised by yourself and teammates

  • When will the teams be advised?

    • Team lists will be emailed out to all players the week prior to the 2023 Fox Sports Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge

  • When will the fixture be advised?

    • The fixture will be provided on game day to Team Captains upon arrival at the Fox Sports Marquee

  • As a player, what do I need to do if I am nominated as a Team Captain?

    • You will need to arrive to the event on time to collect your team’s equipment and t-shirts from the Fox Sports Marquee. Please arrange a meeting spot with your team to hand out equipment and meet your Clontarf students. Ensure you and your team are across the fixture and playing times throughout the day

  • What happens if I injure myself on the day?

    • There will be First Aid on site and treatment is available throughout the day



  • As a volunteer, what time do I need to be at the event?

    • Please arrive by 11:30am to meet with the Lead Volunteers for a final briefing before the day starts

    • Lead Volunteers will need to arrive by 11:15am – please consider this when providing your volunteer role preferences

  • As a volunteer, where do I meet on the day?

    • Once you arrive at Easts Rugby Club, please meet Sophie, Bec & Nat at the Fox Sports Marquee

  • As a volunteer, what do I need to wear on the day?

    • Please wear comfortable shoes, shorts/pants. If you were a part of this event in 2022, please wear your t-shirt from last year. If not, you will be provided with a Foxtel Group white t-shirt (this can be ordered when you register to volunteer)

  • As a volunteer, how do I know what role I’ve been assigned?

    • Roles will be assigned and emailed out to the volunteer group prior to the event. There will be a briefing meeting dropped into your diary on Wednesday 15th November to provide clarity about roles, responsibilities & ask any further questions



  • How do I get to & from the event?

    • There will be buses running to and from the North Ryde & Artarmon campuses. Please advise in your registration if you require transport to and from the 2023 Fox Sport Clontarf Oz Tag Challenge

    • You are also welcome to make your own way via car or public transport to and from the event

  • What is the closest train station to Easts Rugby Club?

    • Bondi Junction – 35 min walk from the station or 10 min drive

  • Will there be parking available at Easts Rugby Club if I decide to drive?

    • There is limited parking onsite as the club shares parking facilities with a local gym. Street parking may also be available on O’Sullivan Road, however, we are unable to guarantee parking spaces

  • How will I know where to go & meet my team if I don’t travel on the buses provided?

    • There will be volunteers available on the day to point you in the right direction to the Fox Sports Marquee. Please speak with your team captain before the day to ensure you know your team’s meeting spot



Please email Sophie ( or Nat ( with your question & they will come back to you

I absolutely LOVED playing in last years Oz Tag Challenge with the Clontarf boys at Allianz Stadium. It opened my eyes to the amazing work the foundation does, and the effect they have on growth of these young boys at such an important phase in their lives.. I was so impressed with how respectful, well-spoken and talented the boys were, a true testament to Clontarf, and further cements why we need to continue to support them. Looking forward to the next one!

- Erin Zillman, Head of Marketing & Communications
Foxtel Media

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