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Our Perks at Work capture the excitement and fun that come with joining the country's leading media group, such as red carpet events, exclusive tickets, and free & discounted Foxtel Group products.

We know everybody's different, so we've put together a great range of perks to suit lots of interests.

Your Perks at Work

Here are just a few of our favourites that you'll enjoy after joining our crew.

Free Stuff and Discounts

When you join the team you’ll be given free Foxtel or Hubbl and discounted Foxtel Broadband so that you can enjoy our incredible products and put yourself directly in the shoes of our customers. You’ll need them because we're always talking about what we’re watching!

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Get the VIP experience

You'll have a chance to win tickets to sporting matches, invites to red carpet premieres, advance screenings and behind the scenes tours of the latest television shows and movies. You also never know which celebrities or media personalities you might bump into walking around our campuses. It's all part of working in the entertainment business!

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Save on Everyday Essentials

Get access to deals and offers from some of Australia’s best retailers including electronics, household goods, and fashion. Free to use every day or for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or holidays through our Foxtel Bonus Buys program. 

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Time Out When You Need It

You’ll get a range of leave options to help you live your fullest life outside of work. You can access Birthday Leave, Cultural Leave, Volunteer Leave, Paid Parental Leave, with the ability to purchase additional Annual Leave if you need.

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Deals You Won't Want to Miss

Take advantage of our trusted corporate partnerships which may qualify you for special services with CommBank, GO Get, TVSN, Bupa and Medibank.

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Financial Flexibility

Make smarter money moves by paying for things like a car or certain work-related expenses with your money before tax. Current options include novated leasing, charity donations, and superannuation contributions. 

Parked Cars

Live Your Best Life With FoxFit

Available on a weekly schedule, enjoy immediate access to FoxFit, our holistic health and wellness program of fitness workouts, mindfulness and yoga sessions, as well as educational seminars.

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Physical Fitness

Get ready to break a sweat with our weekly group workout sessions. You can join in face-to-face or virtually, or take advantage of a free virtual ClassPass app membership so you can workout at your own pace and in your own time.


Community & Connection

Get behind causes that you care about by participating in one of our community programs. We have plenty of opportunities for mentoring, volunteering, problem solving, donating, and learning. Meet like-minded team members and make connections for life.



Join us as we all learn about the foundations of a healthy and balanced diet for modern life. Our nutrition seminars include basic meal prep ideas, helpful tips, and delicious recipes to try.


Financial Fitness

Make informed decisions with our financial fitness seminars covering helpful topics including setting and achieving goals, working with weekly budgets, and taking advantage of our Perks at Work to help you and your family save. 


Mental Health & Wellbeing

Take a moment to recalibrate and create work/life balance with weekly instructed yoga sessions and a free subscription to the Headspace mindfulness and meditation app. 


Work Flexibly with FoxFlex

History tells us that our most innovative initiatives don’t happen overnight, and they don’t happen over rigid MS Teams calls either. They require the free-flowing exchange of ideas that comes from face-to-face brainstorming, problem-sharing, whiteboard sessions, and random exchanges. That's why we've embraced the benefits of hybrid working.


Where possible, FoxFlex splits our week between focused personal productive time at home, and purposeful time to collaborate and innovate together on campus. 


Hybrid work will look different for every team, but it will usually start with these six key pillars.

1. Find the Moments that Matter

Be there for the most important moments. These could include strategic planning, making important decisions, or simply connecting and socialising with one another.

3. Have Honest Conversations

We know we have to strike the right balance between the comforts of working from home and the innovation we gain from coming into campus. Be honest about how you feel and the balance you wish to create.

5. Collaborate with Purpose

There's a difference between brainstorming virtually and in person. We believe there are benefits to both! To get the most out of hybrid work, book in lively face-to-face collaboration sessions for a healthy change of pace.

2. Connect with
Your Leader

Your leader will be able to help you navigate busy team schedules and business commitments, so it's crucial you work together to create a collaborative solution that works for everyone.

4. Create Team

We're one team with one dream, to change the game in sports & entertainment. To do that, we'll need everyone's full support. Ask yourself how working flexibly can support our collective goals and achieve the best outcomes.

6. Look at the Data, Test & Learn

Hybrid working models are new, but we hope they are here to stay. It's up to all of us to continue learning and optimising so that we can deliver our best work for our customers while living our best lives.

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